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 “From the time that I can remember, I worked to make money – either baby-sitting, or one year wrapping gifts at a department store at Christmas, so I could have my own money.” Christie Hefner

Making money is a mindset. Clearly, Christie Hefner, daughter of Hugh Hefner, did not NEED to earn money at a young age, with such a wealthy father. Yet, her attitude underscores the mindset necessary to increase WEALTH.


In Part 1 of this series, ways to increase productivity, focus, and calm serenity were described. If you haven’t read it yet, check it out below, or here. Part 2 gets to the heart of the MONEY section of the series. Who doesn’t want more cash?

Not only is it nice to have money with which to buy stuff, but having cash and investments can reduce worry and increase security. When a bill comes due, you don’t stress over how to pay it. College comes along and you saved enough to help out your kids. No need to take out a loan to go on vacation; the cash is already available. One potential area of stress in your life-GONE!

 Money does not make life perfect, or take away all of your problems, but it definitely reduces financial stress, worry, and anxiety. And research has shown that “Money Worries” rank near the top of the list of concerns and stress.

Since age 16, I usually worked one job or more; I always had some sort of money making idea(s). At 16, I started selling AVON products door to door. In college, I made clothes and sold them to friends. Flash forward a few years (in a prior career), I was a career counselor at San Diego State University and took on additional clients on the side. In addition to his regular job, my husband consults nationally and internationally and is working on his 6th book. On top of these side jobs, we have been investing since our mid 20’s.

 These behaviors lead to financial security and additional streams of income!


Step-by-step guide to make more money.

How do you make money?  THINK about your income sources RIGHT NOW.

  • Your job
  • Side business
  • Targeted cost cutting to increase disposable income
  • Extreme couponing
  • Consulting
  • Investing
  • Blogging
  • Selling on Ebay
  • Selling on Craig’s List
  • Bartering
  • Overtime or extra shifts at work
  • Swap meets or garage sales

Step 1:

List every way you currently make money. Go over the past year. In addition to your job, have you sold stuff on Ebay or had a garage sale? What about babysitting or consulting in your area of expertise on the side? Do you have a blog that brings in some cash? Don’t forget anything.

Step 2:

Make a list of every additional possibility you can think of to make extra money. I know you are busy with kids, family, and community responsibilities. NO EXCUSES ON THIS ONE! For now, just make the list!

Step 3:

Take a break. That’s right. Take a break. Let these ideas simmer for a bit; breaks offer renewed energy and perspective.

Step 4:

Come back and add to step 2; don’t hold back, consider any possible income source now.

Step 5:

Choose the top 2-3 money-making activities; those with the highest probability for success from step 2. Write them down.

Step 6:

Choose the 1 activity that you can implement right now. WRITE IT DOWN.

Here’s how it’s done:

Charmaine has a job and a family. She cannot take on anything else, her plate is full.

She can make more money through the JOB SHE HAS RIGHT NOW.

Her goal is to work towards a promotion and a raise! Same job, same hours> more money.

How will she do it? Be the absolute best employee. Come up with new ideas. Have a great attitude. Be creative. Become the model employee. Do every task with intention and full focus (remember MAIN TOPIC, Part 1 of this series). When at work, be in the moment, be at work, not at home, the mall, or anywhere else. This is not a quick solution, but in the long term, if you are THE BEST, you will be rewarded with a higher salary.

Joe has a job, debt, and no wife or kids. He wants more cash to pay off some bills and save for the future. He got into debt through reckless spending. JOE HAS LOTS OF STUFF. He decided to sell some of his stuff on Ebay and Craig’s list. He also offered to get rid of some of his parents stuff, for a cut of the proceeds. And before he knew it, some of his friends, and his sister, wanted Joe to sell their stuff! In fact, in several months he made a few thousand bucks, with more on the way. Joe had a bit of experience selling on line. He built on his experience, took on some clients, and sold stuff for them; for a cut of the profit. Not only did Joe develop a way to increase his income, he enjoyed his side business.


Get a notebook and label it: “(your name) Personal Finance” and keep it by the computer. Use it to keep all of your personal finance goals, thoughts, activities, and plans.

  1. Follow steps 1-6 today.
  2. Tomorrow, get started. BEGIN your plan to increase your income. It will inspire and energize you.
  3. Read this article from ZEN HABITS about finding your passion. If you do what you love, making money isn’t work, it’s fun.

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