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Investopedia News-I’m Hired

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I’m humbled and honored to be an contributor. has been my “go to” resource for credible investment information for years and I’m excited to write for this premier investing information website. And if you’ve never visited before, I invite you to stop by. 

Please enjoy my inaugural article: “How Advisors Can Help Clients Stomach Volatility“.

In this post, you’ll learn five important strategies to cope with market volatility. We all know that investment values go up and down, but as our investment portfolios reach historical high valuations, many of you  have written to ask about how to handle volatility. This article will give you some guidance and reassurance.

Please enjoy the following personal finance and investing articles.

best investing articles

Investing + Money Articles

Luck versus Skill in the Cross-Section of Mutual Fund Returns (Digest Summary) by Eugene Fama and Kenneth French (summarized by Claire Emory) in CFA Digest

What’s an Investor to do About Bonds? from Ben Carlson from A Wealth of Common Sense

4 Ways to be a Smarter Investor from Walter Updegrave from Real Deal Retirement (and CNN Money)

The Problem With Low Volatility by Monevator

5 Steps to Rebalance Your Investment Portfolio at Smarter Investor Blog from U.S. News and World Report (by Barbara Friedberg)

Why Bother With Social Security Break-Even Calculations? by Mike Piper at The Oblivious Investor

What Should I do With My 401(k)?-An Illustration by Roger Wohlner The Chicago Financial Planner

Fighting Through Risk Tolerance Questionnaires by Rick Ferri

Retirement Income From a Position of Strength by Wade Pfau’s Retirement Research Blog

7 Surprising Truths About Investing You May Not Know by Investor Junkie

Managing Sequence of Return Risk with Bucket Strategies Versus A Total Return Rebalancing Approach by Michael Kitces at Nerd’s Eye View

65 Ways Retirees Can Cut Their Day to Day Expenses, by Christine Benz of Morningstar

How I Use negative Feelings About Finances to My Advantage by Kristin Wong at Get Rich Slowly

 Should I Contribute to my 401(k) or Invest in an After Tax Brokerage Account? by Financial Samurai

Daily Investing Tips from The College Investor

Star Manager or Team Approach by Barbara Friedberg for Daily Capital Blog

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