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Sales abound. Commercials entice. Shopping is in the air.

I like to shop as much as the next. I get swayed by advertisers too! In fact after swearing against buying an iPhone, iPad, or eReader I succumbed to a tablet for my holiday present. True confession; the Samsung Galaxy was on sale for $179, cheaper than the iPad and Kindle Fire I was checking out! And I’ve had fun with the “toy” downloading apps, playing games, and reading my favorite books. It turns out, it is a great gift. (Okay, so I opened it a bit before the Chanukah holiday begins.)

Gifts, indulgences and holidays are some of the important things that make life worth living. They build a wealthy life, it’s not only about the money. It’s important to celebrate the joys of life. Where the celebrations go awry are when they go beyond your pocketbook and put you in debt.

Follow these simple tips to celebrate without breaking the bank.

Cheap holiday gift

Beautiful and Affordable Gift


  1. Figure out who’s on the list. Make sure you’re not giving to impress but for a genuine reason.
  2. Create a reasonable spending budget for the holiday. If you can’t pay for your spending within the month or two, cut back the list and/or the holiday budget.
  3. Match a dollar amount to the recipients’ gifts. For office friends we usually go to the dollar store, buy a bunch of beautiful containers ($1 each), buy big bags of candy, clear wrapping paper, and ribbon. Place candy in the containers wrap and tie with a ribbon. Each gift costs less than $2 each. Write a meaningful card to show you care!
  4. For the kids; big gifts don’t equal love. Give what you can afford and teach the children the holidays are more than just indulgence. Make sure to show the kids how to give to the less fortunate. Donate toys and coats to the holiday drives.
  5. Shop for sales and know the regular prices so you recognize a deal. You still have a few weeks until the holidays so take it slow. Don’t make the holidays a strain, enjoy the time of year and remember what the season is really about.
  6. Make a list-and stick to it.
  7.  If it’s not on the the list, don’t buy!

Enjoy the Season


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How do you keep shopping and spending under control during this time of year?

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