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Incorporate negotiating into your life and get more for less.

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NYC etching

Back story: Spent the week-end in NYC and indulged in one of my guilty pleasures; creating a “wealthy environment.” I love beautiful things at economical prices.

  • At NYC street fair picked up original etching for $20.00. Beautiful artwork at a beautiful price.
  • Rushed to Michael’s for an elegant frame. Expected the usual sale, 20-40% off. Instead, found a buy one at full price and get the second for a penny. I didn’t need two, I needed one. I approached another frame shopper asking if she was interested in buying the second for a penny and splitting the savings. No luck, she needed two.
  • Got to the check-out willing to pay FULL PRICE.
  • My hail Mary pass, “Do you have any discount for this frame, I don’t want two?”
  • Sales clerk, “Sign up for email alerts and get a coupon RIGHT NOW.”


Got 50% off the frame, just for asking.

This is scary for some in the beginning. Like any new task, it definitely gets easier. String together enough wealth building habits, and before long, your net worth will explode.

TIP: Always attempt to negotiate, if you don’t ask you will not save.


 As part of your shopping experience, regularly ask for discounts. The stress of asking will diminish over time. The extra resources gained will be worth the effort. 

What is your negotiating story? How much did you save?