You Asked for it; My Experience with Peer to Peer Lending

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Investors! Earn great returns with peer-to-peer lending

In Where to Get a Loan; Help I’m Really Struggling last week I wrote about peer to peer lending for those of you who need some extra cash. Many commenters asked about my experiences as a lender. Full disclosure, I started lending to borrowers through in October, 2011 so I don’t have too much history to report. As of January, 2012, my annualized investment return is 7.66%. This return is quite short term and not of too much value yet, but I’ll continue to update my results as time goes on.

Prosper advertises over 10% returns which includes a quantified default rate on some of their loans. 10.69% Returns With Prosper

Why Am I Lending? Like many out there, I’m looking for a higher return for some of my portfolio. In fact, like a banker, there is a possibility of 10.69% Returns With Prosper. Why Prosper? I read about the concept many years ago, but not until I met one of the key employees and grilled him endlessly, spoke to another large investor, Peter Renton of Social Lending Network, and read through the SEC corporate documents did I decide to invest. What is the risk of lending in this platform? A borrower might default and you lose your investment in that particular loan. The company might fall on hard times and you lose some of your investment. How do I compensate for the risk? I only put a small amount of money in each loan. I invest in many loans to diversify the risk. Ultimately, I will invest less than 3% of our overall investment portfolio. How does it work? You can either automate your investing, or read about each individual case and choose which loans to fund. Want to narrow your choices even more? Set specific parameters for your loans. Investment returns? It is too soon to analyze my returns as my dollars have been invested slowly over the last 2 months. Check out Prosper’s site to read more about lending money with Prosper. For the thorough investors, there is a link to Prosper’s Securities and Exchange (SEC) legal documents as well! Caveat, this is not a recommendation but an introduction to an investment product. Please consult your own financial advisor before considering any investment product. As stated in my disclosure, per FTC guidelines, this website may be compensated by companies mentioned through advertising, affiliate programs or otherwise.

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“I always, always, always have a “Plan B”…and a “Plan C”.  I don’t believe that your income should depend on your job.” Sandy at Yes I am Cheap

After Len Penzo highlighted Sandy’s article, Stepping Out on Faith about her decision to quit a job where she was really happy with her co workers and many aspects of her job, I couldn’t tear myself away. I got very anxious on Sandy’s behalf as she described quitting her job without having another one in place. I read through every comment and finally, the above response reassured me. Sandy had a Plan B!!! Budgets are Sexy divulges his new mindset, Gigs for Goals – This manner of thinking helps break down what you really want and how to fund it. If you think in terms of working to pay a specific bill or for a specific item, the effort may not be worth it. What do you think? Farnoosh Torabi talks about HOW ANYONE CAN EARN $100.00 PER HOUR. Fascinating interview, replete with motivation for all you entrepreneurs out there. My Dollar Plan gives a list of Free or Cheap Holiday Resources. Now who doesn’t want to save money? How My Grandma’s Lumina Make Me Over 2 Million Dollars over at Soldier of Finance. If you have one piece of advice to take today, this is it! A Curious Thing Happened to my Credit Score When I Took on Some Debt at Moneycone. Pay attention to your credit score, you don’t know who’s watching. Are You Ready to be a Landlord? at Krantcents. I gave up personal landlording but still keep my hand in real estate with REITs.

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What are your thoughts on the peer to peer lending format? Would you consider lending or borrowing?