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Check out my very first video about holiday shopping (dusted off from the archives). The tips are timeless! Remember the joy this holiday season, not the debt.

Spend for the Holidays on What Matters

I was at a local Marshall’s last week-end when I noticed a toy drive bucket in front. I decided to go in and buy some toys to donate. As I perused the toy section, looking for something fun and durable, I was struck with the “junk”. So many toys are poorly constructed and look as though they won’t even last through the new year. As a sucker for the Disney princesses, I bought a set of dolls with electronic stories to go along. Next I purchased a remote control dump truck (I love those toys). I just hope that it is well made enough to withstand the test of time. My final toy was a toddler puzzle made of wood, the worst that can happen with that one is that the child loses a piece.

I envisioned the children opening the toys and hoped they would be something that would be fun, meaningful, and last awhile.

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How do you decide what to buy for the children?