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2016 Best Money and Investing Holiday Gifts

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Top Money, Investing and Tech  Gifts-Inspired by Money Magazine

I’ve subscribed to Money Magazine for decades, and I can’t cancel my subscription. And it’s not that I haven’t tried. Sure, I’ve let the subscription lapse for a few months over the years…. only to subscribe again, for that one or two great finance tip each month. This months best holiday money and investing gifts surprised me once again.

You’d think a finance expert wouldn’t need the rudimentary Money Magazine advice. Yet, there’s always at least one nugget, that I hadn’t thought of, which makes the subscription worthwhile. For example, the December issue hit a triple. First, my child-psychologist husband wanted a copy of the “High Cost of Coping” article discussing the importance and expense of treating anxiety, depression, eating disorders and other mental health issues.

Best money & investing gifts

In the “Your 20 Best Money Moves for 2017” my stake in an emerging market ETF was vindicated with the section entitled “Emerging Markets Stay Strong”. Lagging recently with just 2.5% annualized returns during the previous decade, Money predicts that the 2016 seventeen percent increase in emerging market stocks is likely to continue.

The third money article in this issue was “The Best Tech Gifts for $50 or Less”. Although I’m typically a late adopter, I do love the tech object that improves my life. Number four on their list, the Pocket Qwerty, by Battop, showed a nearly full-sized mobile phone keyboard that I’ve been pining for ever since I got a decent smart phone several years ago. This $28 gadget folds up into a pocket-size and opens up into a combination phone stand – keyboard when needed. I can’t wait to try it, as I’m a bit obsessed with productivity and love the idea of having the option to use my phone for basic document editing. 

On that note, here’s my best money, investing and finance holiday gift list inspired by Money Magazine to help build wealth and improve your life:

Top 2016 Money, Finance and Technology Related Gifts

finance wealth investing gift battop keyboard

  1. The Battop Folding Keyboard-This foldable universal bluetooth keyboard offers a kickstand, works for iOS and android and is on sale for $25. echo dot money investing wealth building gift
  2. Amazon Echo Dot-This hands-free, voice-controlled robot uses Alexa to play music, control smart home devices, answer questions, set alarms, answer music and more. Best yet, it’s only $50 not the $180 of its parent, and hears you from 7 feet away. stock market game investing gift
  3. Stock Market – The Wall Street Trading Game-I had a stock market game as a kid and it was a favorite! It’s a fun way for kids and their parents to buy, sell and invest! This money game sells for $36.99 with only a few left on Amazon. best investing book-A Random Walk Down Wall Street-Perfect gift
  4. Money and Investing Books-Reading is the most affordable way to learn about finance, money and investing. If you can learn without losing any money in the markets, you’ll come out ahead. Following are a few of my favorite money books; The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham, A Random Walk Down Wall Street by Burton Malkiel, The Elements of Investing by Ellis and Malkiel, Your Money or Your Life by Robin, Dominguez and Hilford, and my How to Get Rich Without Winning the Lottery (on sale for $.99) and Invest and Beat the ProsI bonds-Perfect Gift for Building Wealth
  5. I Bonds never get old. You can buy these government bonds in denominations as small as $50 and they’re designed to protect your investment from inflation. Great for you or a gift. I wrote an indepth article about the benefits of investing in I bondsMoney Magazine-Great gift for investors
  6. The Wall Street Journal, Value Line investment research, and Money Magazine are subscription gold. I may be one of the last holdouts to subscribe to actual papers. In addition to the San Fransisco Chronicle, I read the Wall Street Journal as I eat my breakfast every morning. For serious stock pickers, there’s nothing like a Value Line investment research subscription.  The Value Line and Wall Street journal are a bit pricey, but the knowledge is well worth the money. Great tech holiday gift-The Annker Bluetooth speaker
  7. The Annker Soundcore was also recommended by Money Magazine and may find its way onto my gift list. This bluetooth red, blue or black brick speaker is $36, can broadcast from a smart phone and runs 24 hours between charges. Enjoy a money movie for fun during the holidays-The Wolf on Wall Street
  8. The Wolf of Wall Street or Trading Places are great investing movies. With differing takes on investing markets, these movies are great gifts for finance afficionados, each for less than $12.00.

For more wealth building holiday gifts, be sure to visit the Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance Wealth Shop. There are books and special items curated by me. 

This article wouldn’t be complete without a reminder that wealth is measured in more than money and things. Don’t forget that spending time outdoors and enjoying your loved ones is what makes life worth living.

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