Should I Work Part Time? Issues Surrounding Part Time Work

Are you considering working part time? Read about the pros and cons of working part time and decide whether it is the right choice for you.

5 Saving Money Tips From Warren Buffett

Learn Warren Buffett’s (2nd richest man in the US) savings tips. Don’t be distracted by over-consumption, stick to modest living & saving. You’ll become rich.

Universal or Variable Life Insurance; Should I Buy?

Universal or variable life insurance, look before you leap. Understand life insurance basics and consider how the agent is compensated, too.

Best Asset Allocation Based On Age & Risk Tolerance

Asset allocation can be informed by age and risk tolerance. But consider other factors when creating an asset allocation.

5 Low Risk Investments For a Rising Interest Rate Environment

Is low risk investing possible in this rising interest rate environment? Yes, check out these 5 low risk bond investments for the fixed part of your portfolio.


Is there a way to win the lottery? There is an alternative. Learn the way to win (it’s not what you think). Don’t play the lottery and make money.

Free Investing Book

Free Book- How to Invest and Beat Most Active Fund Managers. Learn best practice investing and shut out the noise.

Don’t Spend Your Dividends

Dividends are not “free money”. Learn how reinvesting your investment dividends can supercharge your investment returns.

17 Cheap Valentine’s Day Gifts & Activities

Cheap, Fun, Romantic Valentine’s Day. Memorable and economical Valentines Day ideas.

Savings: Easy As Pie!

Savings guidelines using simple pie categories. Helpful savings models. learn how your money is divided and then create your ideal income-expense-savings pie.

Choosing a Financial Advisor? Don’t Overlook these Factors

Choosing a financial advisor? Consider fees, references, and financial advisor designations. Check out managing your own investments too.

Speculative Investments – What Percent Should I Invest?

When and how much to allocate to speculative investments? If passive investing is the right strategy, is there room for any active investing?

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