3 Tips to Become a Successful Investor

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Easy Investing Tips  “Investing should be like watching grass grow or paint dry. If you want excitement, take $1,000 and go to Las Vegas.” Paul Samuelson Investing and Financial Success I had the pleasure of being recruited at an important financial conference to give my best finance  and investing tips. It was not only fun to talk about what works in...

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Behavioral Finance; Is Your Mind Hurting Your Wallet? Webinar

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May Webinar: Behavioral Finance: Is Your Mind Hurting Your Wallet? May 15, 2014 at Noon-1:00 pm Pacific Time Click here to register for the free webinar. How to Become $60,000 Richer By Thwarting Mental Money Errors (maybe) Do you consider a tax refund free money? When you receive a money gift, do you spend with abandon? Has your retirement account been allocated...

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12 Cheap Fun Activities for the Holidays

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12 Free Winter Activities “Overspending is as certain a part of the holiday season as overeating. But pushing away from both the table and the cash register at least a little bit sooner can make the post-holiday hangover hurt a little bit less.” Jeffrey Kluger Say “No” to Holiday (Over) Spending No is not a bad word. Show discipline and...

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8 Steps to Creating a Diversified Asset Classes Portfolio

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Part 2: What are the Steps to Creating a Diversified Asset Classes Portfolio? In Part 1: “What is the Best Investing Method”  you learned the best investing method and why to invest with index funds in a diversified asset classes portfolio in line with your risk tolerance. Today you will learn the steps to take to create a diversified asset classes portfolio. Future...

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How to Get Rich – Book Trailer How to Get Rich; Wealth Building Guide for the Financially Illiterate is a great start for those with money woes. If you don’t have a money smart mom, dad, friend, spouse, or mentor, I want to fill the role. I was blessed with financially astute parents and received a great education on top of their wisdom. Please take a...

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