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What Happens When Fed Exits From Stimulus?

End of quantitative easing, raise interest rates. Will there be a stock market crash? What will happen to investments?

Don’t Spend Your Dividends

Dividends are not “free money”. Learn how reinvesting your investment dividends can supercharge your investment returns.

Speculative Investments – What Percent Should I Invest?

When and how much to allocate to speculative investments? If passive investing is the right strategy, is there room for any active investing?

Are Stock Markets Efficient or Not?

Is the stock market efficient or not? This article covers the controversy of the EMH hypothesis, an important topic in light of Fama & Shiller’s recent Nobel prizes.

What to Invest In-2014

Learn what to invest in in 2014. Review of stocks, bonds, and cash assets with recommendations for the coming year.

The Most Common Investing Mistake-Not Knowing What’s in Your 401(K)

Learn the difference between an investment, an investment company, and an investment account. An IRA is not the answer to “What type of investments do you own”.

What are Index Funds and Asset Classes Investing?

Sample low cost index funds simplify the investing process. Keep investing easy, then get on with your life.


Become a successful investor. Start investing now by saving with intention and automating investments into diversified index funds.

Diversification Strategy Supported by Experts

Diversification investing strategy with index funds supported by Nobel prize winners, economists, and top investors. Quotes from the best investors.

Diversification Strategy; How to Figure Out My Risk Tolerance

Understand your risk tolerance with this diversification strategy. Become a better investor with this Asset Classes Series.


Stanford University Professor Teaches Free Retirement & Pensions Course & Links (October 14, 2013 – December 13, 2013) This video introduces the topic of stock market investing for retirement. In five minutes Josh Rauh shows the risks and rewards of regular long term investing in the stock market. Whether you sign up for the free…

8 Steps to Creating a Diversified Asset Classes Portfolio

How to create a diversified asset classes portfolio. Part 2 of what is Best Investing Method Series. Understand diversified asset classes investing with indexes

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