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Did You Forget To Invest When Younger? Here’s How to Catch Up

Retirement investing advice for the late starter. Learn how much you need to save in order to build up your nest egg for retirement.

How To Rent An Apartment

Before you rent an apartment, improve your credit, prepare your rental and job history. Look professional. And remember to negotiate for the best deal.

Should I Work Part Time? Issues Surrounding Part Time Work

Are you considering working part time? Read about the pros and cons of working part time and decide whether it is the right choice for you.

5 Saving Money Tips From Warren Buffett

Learn Warren Buffett’s (2nd richest man in the US) savings tips. Don’t be distracted by over-consumption, stick to modest living & saving. You’ll become rich.


Is there a way to win the lottery? There is an alternative. Learn the way to win (it’s not what you think). Don’t play the lottery and make money.

17 Cheap Valentine’s Day Gifts & Activities

Cheap, Fun, Romantic Valentine’s Day. Memorable and economical Valentines Day ideas.

Savings: Easy As Pie!

Savings guidelines using simple pie categories. Helpful savings models. learn how your money is divided and then create your ideal income-expense-savings pie.

What Kind Of Savings Account Should I Open?

How to choose a banking account is an important finance question. This article covers banks, brokerages, online, and offline to help you make the right banking choice.

Are Floating Rate Notes the Answer to Your Savings Prayers?

Government floating rate notes will be available soon. Read about the advantages and disadvantages of FRN’s for your investment portfolio.

12 Cheap Fun Activities for the Holidays

12 cheap fun activities for the holiday season. Lots of fun, free Christmas season activities. Avoid the overspending and enjoy time with family and friends.

SEP IRA versus Solo 401(k)-Which is Better?

Entrepreneur’s can save for retirement with a SEP IRA and solo 401(k). Learn the differences and which allows for greater contributions

I Read 4 Finance Books Today; You Profit

Free money book giveaway. Retirement, saving, money rules, and couples money books reviewed.

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